Thursday, February 4, 2016

Food Adventure -potato harvest, baking and enjoying!

We harvested the potatoes the students had planted as second graders, then we made them into oven fries.  They were a BIG hit!

We have a voice!

We did a Social Studies simulation where students got to practice having a voice in a community.  Students got to attend a community meeting, give a demonstration and send a representative to a meeting to voice their opinion before casting their vote for a new playground or a new pool for our fimaginary town.

Peaceful demonstrations:

Our Representatives speak...

The town members vote....will it be a new pool or new playground ?

Food Adventure - wheat

This Month's food adventure featured Wheat.  The students made a wheat berry and fresh veggie salad.  The results were mixed...but most were adventurous enough to try the salad. 😋

Naturalist Lesson - Seeds

We had a wonderful lesson on seeds, learning about different kinds of seeds, how they travel, and what they look like up close.

Great books about seeds!

Then we headed out to the garden for a scavenger hunt and to harvest the potatoes the kids had planted as second graders.  They also got to compare the two bok choy beds we planted, one clotched, the other open.  Can you guess which was growing more quickly?

Looking forward to using our potatoes in a Food Adventure lesson.

Decomposers in the Wetland

We went on a scavenger hunt through the wetland looking for decomposers, here is what we found.  We also earned our FBI badges....Fungus, Bacteria, Invertibrates. 😊

Then we took our buddies out to search for decomposers...success!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Respect Awards

Congratulations to Sarah Arvey for earning the classroom RESPECT award.

Congratulations to our class for earning the school RESPECT awards for quiet in the hallway and respectful in Music.  Way to go!

Our awards!

A class to be proud of!

Artist in Residence - Wool Felting

Step 1.  Make wisps

Step 2 - Layer wisps into a compass rose on the palm of your hand.

Step 3 - Add soapy water, fold ends into hand.

Step 4 - Roll wool into a ball.

Step 5 - "Shock" the wool in cold water to lock the fibers into place.

Thank you Mrs. King for teaching us the history and process of felting.